Benefits of Servicing your Vehicle at a Dealership

June 1st, 2022 by

Experiencing vehicle trouble is never pleasant. Even if you have full coverage car insurance, the prospect of repairing your vehicle can feel tedious at best. Choosing to service your vehicle at a dealership is often much better than stopping in at a local auto shop or nearby mechanic. Knowing the benefits of servicing your vehicle at a dealership can help you to find the dealership that is right for your car or truck the next time you are in need of assistance.

Manufacturer Trained

One of the most notable advantages of having a vehicle serviced at a professional dealership is that dealership mechanics are trained by the manufacturers of the vehicles they stock in their inventory. When you take a car or truck to a traditional auto shop, there is no guarantee that anyone on-site is well-versed in working on the same make and model of your vehicle, which may diminish the overall level of quality service you receive.

A dealership provides trained technicians and mechanics who specialize in working with the same make and model of the vehicle you own and drive, which can help in finding the proper parts and solutions you need in less time.

Top-Tier Technology, Tools, and Repair Equipment

Whether you’re driving a vehicle that is a bit outdated or a brand new release, anytime you have your car or truck worked on, you would likely prefer that it be done using the best tools and equipment possible. Unfortunately, taking a vehicle to any repair shop does not guarantee that the shop will be equipped with the proper tools, repair equipment, or even the necessary technology to help detect problem areas with your car.

Choosing to visit a reputable dealership is one way to ensure you will have access to the top-tier technology, tools, and repair equipment that is necessary to optimize the repair of your own vehicle. A dealership will always have the best diagnostic tools and technologies available for repairs, as the technology comes directly from the vehicle manufacturer themselves.

Maintain/Boost Resale Value

Another reason to consider having your car or truck serviced at a dealership is the ability to maintain and potentially boost the overall resale value of your vehicle if you ever choose to list it on the market in the future. When you keep a record log of all of your dealership appointments, work that has been done, and even replacement parts that have been installed, you may have the ability to resell your vehicle at a higher rate than those who do not have a dealership repair record.

Because dealerships are known for providing original parts and manufacturer-specific parts, it is much easier to sell a vehicle that has been well-kept by only visiting an official dealership for work, repairs, updates, and part replacement needs.

Warranty Included

Many people choose to take their vehicle(s) to a local dealership as the work is guaranteed and all customers are also provided with a warranty. Standard auto shops may or may not offer a warranty for work that is completed, depending on the job that was done, the make and model of the vehicle, and whether or not original manufacturer parts were used. Some auto shops may require customers to pay additional service costs and labor fees after returning, even if the issue the customer is experiencing is the fault of the mechanic or the auto shop itself.

When you use a dealership for the repair work you require for your vehicle, you will be provided with a standard warranty, as all work completed at a dealership is always guaranteed. If you experience issues with your vehicle even after having work done at a dealership, you can return to the dealership for no additional cost.

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