Myths and Misconceptions About Buying Used Cars   

March 1st, 2023 by

If you need a vehicle, a used car can be a prudent alternative to buying new, if you know what to look for. Don’t let the myths and misconceptions surrounding used cars deter you from finding the perfect vehicle from your dealership’s used car inventory.

Some common misnomers surrounding used cars and trucks include these:

Used Cars Are Overpriced

This is simply not true. Depending on where you shop for used vehicles, the right car can be a real bargain. A used car does not have the same depreciation that a new car does, as a new vehicle loses significant value the moment it is driven off the lot. Some vehicles may be gems, just waiting for their next owner. If you have any concerns at all, you can learn a lot from the vehicle history report including whether the car or truck you are buying has been in any accidents or collisions.

Used Cars Always Have Problems

Again, this is where a vehicle history report can be helpful. Not everyone trades their car in because it is a headache; many are trading-up or need something different for their own lifestyle. Also, remember that when you buy a used vehicle, you are reducing the carbon footprint that you- and the previous owner- leave behind. Buying a used car is good for the environment, ecosystem, and earth.

Certified pre- owned vehicles ensures that the vehicle you buy meets a stringent set of guidelines and comprehensive inspection. Some manufacturers also offer warranty coverage for their certified pre-owned vehicles, too.

You Must Buy Used Cars with Cash

The only reason you wouldn’t be able to finance a used vehicle at a dealership would be your credit- and most dealers go the extra mile to try and get you approved to make the sale. Buying and financing a used car is not unlike buying and financing a new car- and the down payment comes down to the specific vehicle, terms, and price.

When you work with Greenway FIAT’s Finance Department, you get assistance in used car financing, and offer a car loan calculator for the customer’s convenience so they can instantly find out rates for any vehicle. Worried about your credit? Greenway FIAT has relationships with lenders, which can help!

Paying down the price of a used car, however, does make good sense. It can help get lower monthly payments, lower interest rates, and faster approval than without a cash down payment. Speak to your seller to find out what your options are. Be wary and better yet, avoid any car dealership that requires cash only sales; they likely won’t stand behind what they sell.

There are Safety Issues with Used Cars

Many used cars come with a warranty, depending on the vehicle and the mileage. The vehicle history report will be very telling when it comes to potential safety issues or hazards- and you can always research consumer reports and reviews for the Make and Models online. If prospective buyers do their homework, used cars usually have no more safety risks than any other vehicle- including new.

You Won’t Get Your Money Back

Another misconception pertaining to used cars is that you won’t get enough resale value from them to make them viable investments- not true. In fact, used cars can hold their value much better than new, if the car has been maintained. Some vehicles have become more in-demand over the years, and you may find that your specific make and model retains and/or gains value.

Buying Online is the Cheapest and Best Way to Go

If you think that you can only get a good deal by purchasing your next vehicle online, think again. Sure, if you don’t want to test drive your acquisition, but why wouldn’t you want to take it for a spin? A lot of buyers like the idea of skipping the dealership and those used car salesmen that simply don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

There is nothing that compares to seeing and driving a vehicle to determine if you will be happy with it. Meeting with a salesperson has a lot of benefits, from negotiating leverage to service after the sale. Before you resort to an online car deal, consider what we have to offer first.

Don’t believe everything you hear about buying a previously owned car or truck. These myths and misconceptions, for instance, should not stand in your way. If you need a vehicle, a used car can be a fantastic value. Contact us to find your next used car at Greenway Fiat today!


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